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Why Sales Activator?

We believe sales can be so much better.

By co-creating with our clients we cause expansion, connection and trust that fuels success.

Watch the video to see how our approach simplifies the sales learning journey. 

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What We Do


We look at your strategy / culture and how you convert those into actionable plans for sales managers.

We then look at how your front line is equipped with the right skills, attitudes and tools to turn those plans into action.


We researched over two thousand sales leaders to find out what was broken in sales and made our 5 pillars.

By making training surprising and sticky, we create learning and sustainable change.

By co-creating this with you we cause deep, trusted relationships between you and your clients.


Change requires the right Mindsets, Skillsets and Toolsets.

By gamifying, coaching, provoking action, entertaining and sharing insights we create sustained behaviour change, that grows everyone involved…. and their sales results.

About Us

Sales Activator is a research and data led sales transformation business.  We provide award winning training and coaching with systems that ensure learning sticks and gets used in day to day work. 

We don’t have an off the shelf process: we co-create what you know works to engage your front line of sales.

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