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Our team of experts have over thirty years’ experience working with sales teams to inspire and adopt new techniques, skills and best practice. That drives higher productivity, reduced training costs and a culture of continuous improvement across the business.

Select an award or client to read more about our award winning approach and how it created success for our clients businesses.


Sales Activator is a Learning Excellence Award 2022 Finalist in two categories.

  • OA5 – Outstanding Course or Initiative
  • F8 – Marketing & Sales


Infinity IT Services company

Their Challenge?

Infinity IT Services company changed their strategy in providing for their clients IT services and decided to recruit a team of new Customer Success Managers to execute it.

What Did We Do?

We ran a multi-award winning programme that recruited, trained, coached and measured the team. We enabled them to acquire and keep the right mindsets, skillsets and product knowledge needed for them to thrive.

What Happened?

They became the highest performing members of the sales team.


A well known financial services organisation created new targets and a new approach for their sales team. 

What Did We Do?

We ran simulations, games, assessments and e-learning to engage and embed this new approach.

What Happened?

The team achieved 27% growth across the business region (with a target of 20%) and saw leadership competencies increase by 36%.


A leading international lighting company changed their business model to focus more on their B2B and social selling models. 

What Did We Do?

This 4 part programme spans all 5 pillars and foundation and is being rolled out globally and over 3 years. 

What happened?

One year in we have an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9.2 consistently across 5 countries and all 5 pillars of training. We are all so excited about this wide ranging partnership.

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