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The 5 Pillars

Sales Activator commissioned market researchers, Towers Watson to talk with over 2000 sales leaders to ascertain the Biggest Issues in sales – to see what the top 5 were, check out the report in our Resources/Downloadables section.

Opening is the new closing; it is harder than ever to get a seat at the buyer’s table it seems. When you do get to talk to clients you need to be impactful, relevant, personal and generous with your insights. Buyers, like learners, want to choose what and when; for reasons that are more immediate and pressing than ever before.

We formed these 5 pillars and their foundation to create a road map for how to enable sales teams to become high performing.

Know Your Market & Buyers

  • Ideal Client Profile
  • Sales Strategy
  • Account Planning
  • Territory Planning
  • Researched Market Insights
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Prioritisation, Organisation & Focus
  • Sales Playbook


  • Buyer Journey Map
  • Company Story
  • Linkedin Brand
  • Online Presence
  • Trusted Adviser Status
  • Social Selling
  • Creating Warm Leads
  • Bringing On New Logos
  • Increased Pipeline Creation
  • Relevant Client Insights


  • Compelling Value Proposition
  • Credibility & Influence
  • Building Trust
  • Virtual Presence
  • Professional Presence
  • Leading Conversations
  • Questioning & Listening Skills
  • Diagnosing Client Needs
  • Communication Techniques
  • Presentation Skills
  • Pitching Techniques

Convert &
Keep Buyers

  • Value Based Selling
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Networking Within Existing Clients
  • Increase Retention Rates Of Clients
  • Increase Expansion / Share Of Wallets in Clients
  • Closing Techniques
  • Increase Referrals Business
  • Cross Selling And Upselling
  • Influencing And Negotiating

the Team

  • Clear Targets With Aligned Rewards
  • Talent Development
  • Leading And Managing Hybrid Teams
  • Coaching Capability
  • Diagnostics For Mental Resilience & Motivation
  • Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Inspiring Creativity & Innovation
  • Increase % Hitting Target
  • Increase Retention Rate Of Staff

5 Pillars Foundation

Growth Mindset, Emotionally Intelligent, Mental Resilience, Coachable,

Trustworthy, Credible, Motivated, Organised and Confident.

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This forgetting curve research by Ebbinghaus seemed to point at why such great training did not last…

Sales Activator’s founders were steeped in data and research, having spent a lot of time and money in the sales insights business, they were passionate about stopping leaders wasting money ‘renting training’ by doing ad-hoc courses and never seeing the benefits last.

Sales Activator builds exciting learning with quality researched insights, gamified to motivate participants to engage and then coaching, quizzes, competitions and a long tail to ensure the learning sticks. Permanently.

CAT (competency assessment tool) is our solution for a simple, cost-effective tool to measure and identify gaps in business essential metrics; and by better understanding these, formulate solutions for improvement. Developed initially for sales leaders who can use CAT for one-off analysis (e.g. training courses, coaching interventions, learning goals etc.) or as part of regular performance reviews (essential competencies, KPIs etc.), CAT can also be used to assess and measure metrics and competencies across wider business departments including HR, L&D, Marketing, Finance and Operations; in fact wherever KPIs, competencies or measures exist.

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